Heart Check

I recently read a book by Steven Furtick called, "Greater." You've probably read it and if you haven't... It's really good! But anyway, in one of the chapters he refers to our passion with God and he mentions a vulnerable moment for himself as a pastor.

He wrote,

“For a preacher like me, it’s easy to get into a rhythm of preparing sermons week after week but lose some of my personal passion for God’s Word in the process. I’ve had weeks when, after hitting Save on my message outline for the following Sunday, it’s as if the Lord said to me, You’ve spent all week studying My Word to minister to others. But you didn’t take a single hour to study My Word on a personal level so I could minister to you.”
— Steven Furtick, Greater

When I first read this, I felt a ping inside my own heart. Like, "oh wow...(gasp) Oh no," - Heart Check. Where am I at right now?

I'm not a pastor and I don't prepare sermons every week, but I found myself checking my heart. Am I doing this for me and my relationship with God? I feel like I go through seasons in my bible studies... Sometimes it's just purely reading the bible that gives me passion and makes me excited to meet God in a quiet place. Other times it's writing specific scriptures down and putting them in my purse, my phone, on the fridge, under my couch because I can! Haha -- but then there are some days where I'm like... Bible -- yeah, I'll get there. I'll read it in a minute, an hour, tomorrow...

But then a couple days go by and if my intentions are to please someone else, it won't motivate me to stop, plop and just take a moment of rest to seek God. Or I'll read my bible looking for answers for someone else and not for my personal relationship with God.

What motivates me and speaks to me the most is I know that when I sit down and open my bible God is going to meet me right there. They're like mini mountain top moments in my every day. They're moments of rejuvenation and strength. It's how I find my energy and my joy. God's word is a light to my path and my perspective and my attitude. It's a voice that penetrates my heart and frames my day.

AND seriously, I can't believe that we get to sit before a God that is greater than our wildest dreams and know that He actually wants to share things with us, to show us His plans, and reveal Himself in miraculous ways. Hashtag awe moment, because we are fearfully and wonderfully made and that's how God treats us. 

<3 Cassandra