This past week I was in sunny, beautiful California with friends and leaders from all over the U.S. We had gathered to hear vision and rally together our resources for an amazing missions opportunity coming the summer of 2017. The room was filled with business leaders, pastors, and mission leaders that all held a passion for God and the local church.

One of the nights, I sat next to a woman who has planted 8 churches alongside her husband; churches all over the world. She told me stories of God’s faithfulness, miracles and people’s stories. Her love for Jesus and people was so evident. There were times my eyes filled with tears just hearing her talk about the love of God. In the middle of our conversation she stopped, gently put her hand on my leg and said, “Honey, if you don’t trust God with your life, you will build a 4 bedroom home. But if you fully trust Him and let go, you will build a skyscraper. You were born to build skyscrapers.” My eyes could not contain the tears any longer. Here I was at this formal banquet, in my nice black dress, white linens on the table my elbows rested on and mascara was about to pour down my cheeks. I knew God was using her to so tenderly speak to me, to speak to me about trust.

I find in my life trusting God is a continual process. I don’t just trust one time and then carry the trust card forever. I find God is continually asking for a new measure of trust in my life. Trust with my heart, dreams, desires, children, family, church, etc. Those words that beautiful woman spoke have been gently playing on repeat in my heart and mind. I know the areas of trust God is asking for from me and I am asking for the strength to let go and trust Him.

What about you my friend? Are there areas in your heart and life that you are controlling and in turn keeping small? See the word of God says in 2 Corinthians 2:9 (NLT) “No eye has seen and no ear has heard….” I want to live a life positioned to see “skyscrapers” built in my marriage, children, church, and the people of God. I want to see things bigger then myself. I want to say to you what I am saying to my own heart. Our God is trustworthy. Let go of those things you are controlling out of fear. Take a deep breath, open your hands and watch God build something beautiful, tall and strong.

Flourish well today my friends.

See you May 7th as we gather for the Flourish Conference. 

XOXO, Hannah