Oh, the places you will go!

“Oh, the places you will go,” so well phrased by the famous Dr. Seuss.  Honestly, most of us do not know what tomorrow holds in store.  Every day is a new adventure.  Two weeks ago I had absolutely no desire and no idea that today I would be a scuba diver.  But, here I am along with my husband both now certified scuba divers.  This was a bucket-list item for Scott, not me.  I of course needed to overcome fears and a horrible, first-time, quick experience from a couple of years back.  But, I did it for the love of my husband.  I wanted to share this experience with him.  I didn’t want to be left out and hear stories of something so amazing that I wasn’t a part of.  

After hours of book work to learn the fundamentals of diving, many tests and quizzes, two exams, two days of dives in the resort swimming pool fully suited in the scuba gear in front of all of the hotel guests lounging in the beach chairs and 4 dives in open water, we did it.  We got the certified scuba diver card and bumper sticker!  The journey was long, but so worth it.  On our fourth and final dive before our official certification, we were scuba diving on the famous wall off of St. Croix island.  We found ourselves in the amazingly clear, teal Caribbean waters on the 2nd largest reef in the Caribbean that drops off into the abyss to around 1,800 feet.  While exploring the 80 degree waters at a depth of 60 feet in our high-tech scuba gear, our instructor motioned for us to come closer to him.  He then pointed off to the right and put his hands in a triangle position up over his head.  You guessed it—that is the amazing sign language symbol in the scuba world for a shark. Yes, there was a shark right there swimming the reef wall with us. Or, you could say, there we were swimming along with a shark—by choice!  Scott in his curiosity swam closer to about 6 feet away with his GoPro in hand to capture the unforgettable moment.  But, wait there is more. Then, the instructor motioned again and held up two fingers.  Yes, that would be the sign for two Caribbean reef sharks—not one but two!  

I found myself utterly still—simply floating and breathing.  I could have panicked, skyrocketed to the water’s surface or caused a huge scene underwater to attract these powerful creatures, but I sat still taking in this once-in-a-lifetime moment.  There was no fear, but simple admiration for God’s creation. I have to say I have a new found love and appreciation for the sea and Gods' underwater masterpiece. Every detail of God’s creation is breathtaking.

While looking into the eyes of this shark, I was pondering on where I found myself at the moment--after I put my fears and flesh aside.  I was part of an experience and a journey that never would have existed had I chose to hide behind my fears and bad first experience.  Fear could have crippled me and left me to never experience more.  I could have missed the beauty and the vastness of God’s plans, miracles and creation.  I sat there thanking God for all I get to see and experience by His grace, mercy, blessing and protection.  Something amazing happens when we choose to respond to God when He simply says… “Follow Me”.  Oh, the places we will go when we follow God.  No matter how great we think our life and journey is, what we personally plan and prepare doesn’t come close to the blessed life God has prepared for those that love Him and seek His will above all us.  I pray as women we step in front of our fears like never before that we experience the fullness of all God has for us and our families!  There is so much ahead of each and every one of us. God’s plans and purposes for our lives our miraculous.

No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.
— 1 Corinthians 2:9