Ruth 1:1 tells us that Ruth was a woman who became determined. Determined means to be inflexible, unfaltering and unwavering. I’m not talking about being stubborn and rebellious, but a Holy Spirit determination that clings to God’s will. I know it is a part of Holy Spirit DNA.

This woman, Ruth, was determined to not let go of her future and shows a woman who was determined to stay with Naomi and go to Bethlehem. Naomi tried to talk her out of her decision. The scripture says that Naomi, “saw,” Ruth’s determination. Determination can be seen. The enemy of our soul can see it! Too many people allow someone to talk them out of their godly future and inheritance. Too many are easily turned aside by the influence and words of other people. Keep in mind that Naomi was very bitter at this time. Be careful who you listen to!

This woman Ruth was determined to find grace and favor. Ruth 2:2 declares, “I shall find grace.” I can hear her determination! Some people say, “When I see His grace and favor then I will _____ .” Holy Spirit determination says, “I shall find grace and favor. I am not turning back. I am not changing my mind. I am determined!”

Holy Spirit determination brought Ruth into provision, divine appointment, portions of blessing and relationships she never imagined. (1 Cor. 2:9)

Will you make a Holy Spirit decision to be determined!?! The decision is made deep in your spirit. This decision must be protected.

Fight for it! Cling to it!

Pastor Rhonda Forsthoff