Get Ready

If there's anything that has been stirring in my heart this month it would probably be the saying "get ready." As a mother of four girls, the mornings can get a little bit crazy. Can I get a hello? From the moment I wake them up it's as if the alarm has sounded and the race has begun. Brush their hair. Do their hair. Brush their teeth. Go potty. Get dressed. Be nice to each other. Let the dogs out. Eat breakfast. Stop yelling at the dog. Find your shoes. Get your coat. Eat breakfast ... and if I can accomplish all that in 45 minutes before leaving for school I'm doing great. For months I would wake up and be frustrated with all the things I need to do.  After 8 weeks in a row of Selah crying because she couldn't find her shoes I decided to make a change. I mean, how long can I be frustrated with the very things I know will happen every morning? It was time to get ready. But getting ready for me DID NOT mean the day of. Getting ready for me meant the weeks and days before. I started pre-packaging snack bags of cereal and lunch snacks for the entire month ahead of time. I labeled them in a bin in the pantry. That way, if they need breakfast or I need to pack a lunch I just grab some of the snack bags and I'm all set to go. I started packing the lunch bags the night before and getting their backpacks ready. I began to lay their clothes out and look for shoes the night before. Low and behold, with all these changes when I wake up in the morning it has become 10x less stressful and actually has become enjoyable. I'm able to be a mom and lean into the areas I need to with them because I'm prepared. The morning is not less demanding, but the way I approach it has made a world of difference.

I say all that to tell you this, get ready. Flourish Conference is coming on May 12th, and let me say that God wants to move. You see it on the calendar. Clear up your day. Prepare your heart ahead of time. Pray and seek God's face for a soft heart and open ears to hear His voice. When you step into that facility know that it is not just another day, it's a moment where God wants to meet with YOU. A moment that has been prayed for, fasted for, a defining moment in your walk with God. And don't let anything stand in the way of that moment. 

I can't wait to stand there with you in that moment and experience God together. Let's prepare now for what God will do.

- Jamie 

The Flourish Conference will be Friday, May 12 from 7-11pm at the Lone Tree Arts Center. Register online by clicking here.