Three Things To Hold On To

Last year was a wild year. I've never experienced so many highs and lows at the same time. The Lord poured blessings and trials into my life, simultaneously. Through the ups and downs of an unusual year, I felt out of control, and I desperately needed something to hold on to.

During the onset of this season, God whispered to my heart, "Hold On. You don't have to have this figured out today." He asked me to be patient with Him. He sat with me in my confusion and revealed his truth to me layer by layer as I held on to these three things:


"Hold firmly to the word of Life." Philippians 2:16

Spending time in God's Word is an obvious truth, but hearing and holding on to it is what made the difference for me during this season. God spoke directly through His word. He spoke words of love and hope into my life. He gave me the advice I needed to handle my circumstances. When I heard Him speak, I wrote it down. I memorized it and I referenced it in times of confusion. I held on to it like He asked me to.


"You must not serve them or bow down to them, but you are to hold fast to the Lord your God." Joshua 23:7-8
As I leaned deeper into God's Word, He asked me to hold on to Him. He asked me to hold on to Him when others couldn't love me the way I wanted to be loved. He asked me to hold on to Him when I needed to hear next steps. He asked me to place Him above the people in my life I hoped to please. He helped me recognize how my family, husband, children, friends and even myself had at times been an idol before God. He asked me to take cues from Him alone.


"Hold on to what is good; reject every kind of evil." Romans 12:9

As I held on to God, He then asked me to identify and hold on to good. However, he wasn't asking me to start a gratitude diary.  He was asking me to strategically identify the good things in my life, and ADD more. Specifically, he asked me to identify healthy activities and positive people that could carry me through this season. I made a list of the good and built it into my everyday life. Last, but not least, I was asked to identify unnecessary negativity. For the first time, He asked me to let go.

For the time being, life has returned to its normal ebbs and flows. However, the three things I am holding on to remain the same. Praise be to a living God who is real and good and all we need.  

A Flourish Member