A Date with God

There are special moments in life, some days that you will never forget. Moments that shape you and the direction you are headed.  My husband and I have date nights every Friday night. 15 years into marriage they look a little different than they did when we first met, but often I still try to remember my first love – with him. Can you remember how exciting it was when you first met that significant other in your life? You brushed your teeth, spent hours on your hair, picked out just the right outfit and that day all you could think about was him. Nothing else really mattered in your mind. When I get to days that come along once a year like this one on May 7th I bring that mindset to God. Friends, this Saturday you have a DATE WITH GOD.  Can you remember what it was like when He first spoke into your life? Can you feel His love, forgiveness and mercy? Can you hear Him speaking to you about the huge plan He has for you? 

This Saturday I’m going to wake up and go to meet with Jesus. I’m going to be thinking about this day this entire week. I’m going to put the worship playlist on repeat and memorize the words so that if my eyes are closed or open, if I’m on my knees in worship or standing with arms raised – I can give ALL I AM to Him. I’m going to put on an amazing outfit and my fake eyelashes. I’m going to come with my Bible, journal and my heart ready to sit with Jesus and just listen. I’m not going to let anything keep me away. I’m going to allow Him to speak into my life and touch my heart like never before. I’m going to walk into the PACE Center with eyes only for One, because a date with God isn’t something to be taken lightly. It’s a day where we can be touched and changed. Yes my friends, there are some days in life that you will never forget and when God comes and touches your heart it will mark you forever.

So there it is. But it’s not just a day for you and me, it’s a day for those we love who may have never experienced Jesus to come and meet him for the first time. It’s a first date for them to “taste and see that the Lord is good.” God’s table is big enough for all, and we are the ones who get to bring. Let’s personally fill this place with women who, whether they know it or not, need Jesus in their lives!