Toothpaste on the bathroom floor

I don’t know about you but when I am done cleaning the bathrooms in my house I feel like I deserve an award wining ceremony with gifts to follow. I want EVERYONE in my house to notice how clean those toilet bowls are and FULLY understand what I had to see, smell and come in contact with to get those bowls shiny and pretty…just keeping it real ladies. 

I am finding with each new season of my kids growing, working from home, extracurricular activities, etc. it gets harder and harder to stay on top of cleaning those bathrooms and my house in general. Some days, the only way I can get it done is if something else I love is sacrificed. Earlier this week was one of those times. If those bathrooms were going to get clean, it meant the one hour of “extra” time in my day couldn’t go towards a beautiful, stress relieving run. Instead, that longed for hour had to be sacrificed and traded for a time of getting on my knees and making those toilets shine. So, that’s what I did. I set aside the run and got to work on the bathrooms.  

The very next morning, I hurried out the door with my kids for school. When I returned from the morning school runs, I walked upstairs to see LARGE AMOUNTS of bright blue toothpaste smeared all over the kids bathroom floor. I looked at that toothpaste in disbelief. “My floor. My beautiful bathroom floor. The very one I sacrificed my run for is covered in toothpaste. Don’t they know? Don’t they know how hard I worked to clean that floor?” After my pity party conversation with myself I thought, “What’s the use? Why even clean these things!”  As I walked away from my tainted work of art, (I am still talking about the bathroom floor, no judging ladies. L.O.L.) I felt God so beautifully deal with me. “Hannah, how many times do you want to give up on things that I am working and perfecting on you because it just feels like its never going to get there?” For example, why even try to read my Bible if every time I finally sit down the kids cry, the dog barks, the husband needs something or my phone starts blowing up with work texts and emails? Why even try to get stronger in that area of my life if all it ever feels like I am doing is taking 10 steps backward after I take 5 steps forward? Why should I even want to grow at all if growth equates to change and with that change is guaranteed some form of pain? It’s like, “Toothpaste on the bathroom floor!” 

I finally turned back around, went back into the bathroom, ran some hot water and in minutes had the toothpaste cleaned up. The floor looked good as new. So, what am I trying to say here? Get a house cleaner! L.O.L. No, not really.  Well yes, but for the impacting part of this blog I will say no. ;-) The point is, when you are journeying with God and you feel like all He is doing in you keeps spilling on the bathroom floor, don’t give up. It’s not all on that floor. I guarantee you there is still some in the toothpaste tube. Don’t let the enemy lie to you and tell you that the few drops on the floor mean an empty bottle on the counter. Philippians 1:6, “Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.”