The Power of Gathering

Growing up as a pastors kid, and then marrying a pastor, my entire life I've been exposed to church, ministry and all that comes with that. I remember being a child and having missionaries from all over the world stay in our home. I would stay up late, laying my head on my momma's lap while they would tell stories of the miracles they were seeing and experiencing in that part of the world. My little mind would be amazed at what they were able to see God do. 
I remember being a teenager and once a year missing school for three days (which was amazing) because our church would be having revival meetings. The services would begin Sunday morning and we would meet every morning and night through Wednesday. I saw and experienced so many things in those meetings. I saw people physically healed. I saw the brokenhearted so beautifully healed in their hearts. I experienced such amazing moments in worship that I felt like I never wanted to leave the room. 
Then, as a college girl I went to ORU where I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Coming from public school, I couldn’t believe my first day when my professor opened the class up in prayer. I attended weekly chapel services where we heard from some of the greatest men and women preachers from all over the world, not to mention when Oral Roberts himself would take the stage. It was electric! 
After marrying Jacob, four weeks after graduating from ORU, together we began to youth pastor and now we had the opportunity to create moments for those we lead to experience God. I will never forget some of those early days of summer camps, mission trips or nights of worship. Setting the stage for God to move and seeing people’s lives impacted by God NEVER gets old. But then I came across something new. God gave me the honor of gathering women for nights and weekends of worship and ministry. I will never forget the very first one I did. I took a step of faith and spread the word to other youth pastor's wives in our region and opened our church doors for the first gathering of young women. 900 girls filled our church. But not just filled, they came, they worshiped and were so hungry for God to speak to them. When that weekend was over, I was physically exhausted but spiritually addicted to what I had just experienced. I had experienced the power of gathering. Matthew 18:20 says, “For where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them.” I believe I was marked by that first gathering not just because it was exciting, but because it struck a chord with the mandate on my life.
I LOVE to gather women together because every time we gather, God moves. Every time we gather, God speaks. Every time we gather, God is among us and there is something so powerful that takes place in those large gathering moments. I wanted you to know that on May 8th we will gather for Flourish. There is a seed of something so much greater than 10, 50 or even 100 women in this night. I believe we are a part of the power of gathering … a gathering of many. I want to encourage you to grab a friend and not miss this night of gathering. I believe God's word is true and on this night as we come together, He is going to show up! 
So my friends, prepare your heart now. Ready your expectancy now. And get ready as we gather to flourish together on May 8th!