Rest and Prepare

In Exodus 11:2-3, before the children of Israel left Egypt to journey to their promised land, God instructs them to ask their neighbors for silver and for gold. The children of Israel obey and God sends them out of the land, full, marked by His favor. It's as if they looted the entire land of Egypt, but it was all given to them of free will!

This year, I believe that God has a promised land for us to enter into. A promised land for our faith, our families and our church. I believe there is more He wants to do in and through us and that our lives are marked for miracles. As I was seeking God for these next few months, two words came to mind, REST and PREPARE. Summertime is a great time to rest and create boundaries in our lives to breathe, but in the middle of resting we also must prepare. Preparation helps us to fully enter into what God has for us in the future. It keeps us on track and keeps us from future burn out. I could hear God asking me in my heart, "Jamie, what can you do now that will help create a win in your life and my church in the year to come?" You see God has a purpose for the pre-promise journey, He wants to prepare you during that time. I'm sure the children of Israel were biting at the bit to get our of Egypt, but God says, "Hold on, I've got more to give you. Wait a bit longer and see my hand of favor on your life as I prepare you for what's to come." When they did leave Egypt they left full and overflowing. God had given them favor and prepared them for the journey ahead. Now they simply had to "stand still and see the salvation of God" (Ex.14:13). 

If 2015 and 2016 holds more of God's promises for your life, where in your life do you need to allow God to prepare you? He will get you to the promised land and fulfill His promise, all you need to do is have faith in His word and welcome the preparation time. If done right, a season of preparation will leave you overflowing with the blessings of God and refreshed for the journey ahead. Ask yourself again, "what can I do now that will set me up to fulfill the promises He has for my life in the 2015/2016 school year?" 

The BEST is before us friends. Let's rest well and prepare in the process!

- Jamie

Jamie KlusacekComment