Embrace Your Season

The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives.
— Psalm 37:23 NLT

I don't even need an alarm anymore. Between the kids sneaking in my room to snuggle at 6am and the natural time clock of my, "beautifully aging," body it is virtually impossible to sleep in. By 7am the bell has gone off and from this point on I feel like my day, at times, is a moving train filled with twists and turns none of which I can control. With four kids under the age of ten, life is an adventure to say the least, but it's an adventure that I have learned to embrace. 

From one woman to another, life can get busy. And not just busy, but it's the kind of crazy, spinning, out-of-control, lost my kid in the mall, I didn't plan for this kind of busy that sometimes can throw us for a loop. Learning how to enjoy even those days has been maturing my faith. Looking back on life I've noticed some simple things that keep me enjoying even the craziest of moments. I'd like to share those with you and tell you heart to heart, this isn't just a season, it's life. Instead of hoping to move quickly through this stage in your life, embrace it, set healthy boundaries and ask God to teach you through it. 

So this fall, with school approaching, I'm challenging myself with two things: God time and Purposeful time. I refuse to get taken advantage of by the moving-faster-than-life train, but instead mark my days with things that will keep me on track even when the unexpected hits!

God time: Start your day off right.  This, by far, helps me tackle even the craziest of seasons. Practically, I read three chapters in my Bible six days of the week.  And yes my kids are up, but I tell them that I'm not getting breakfast until I'm done reading my Bible. They've just learned to embrace it. During breakfast, I literally put 25 minutes on the oven timer and tell them "Mommy is going to pray now, when the timer goes off you can ask Mommy any questions you have." I start off by thanking God, surrendering my life to Him again and then pray for the people He's placed in our lives. If you can incorporate one thing into your life, choose this one, it will lead to the most lasting change, I promise! 

Purposeful Time: Do one thing routinely that gives you life. What's something you can do this fall that you've always wanted to do? What's one thing that will help further your purpose or a passion in life that you have? God says He directs the steps of the godly, so if you are putting Him first then start taking some steps so He can direct them! In the craziness of life it's easy to let this one slide, but taking strides towards your purpose will pay off in the long run. I love to write worship songs, it fills me. It's never easy in the here and now but when I'm finished I feel like I'm walking towards my purpose. Commitment to purpose never comes easy. So what is that for you? It may just be an hour a week, but an hour over an entire year can make a huge difference whether in your family, marriage or purpose God has given you. 

It doesn't matter where you're at, just get started somewhere and be consistent.  Don't let one minute of this fall season be wasted. Learn to embrace it, enjoy it and grow in it. I can't wait to see what God does in and through your life this year. 

See you on Thursday! <3