You + Me

My friends,

It is so interesting to me in my life how my natural seasons in can directly correlate with a spiritual season. Seasons of natural busyness can slowly seep into my relationship with God and before I know it, those quiet places and spaces I set apart for Him can start to disappear. 

With the sight of school buses on the road and the calendar beginning to fill up, I want to encourage each of us to guard and protect those daily times alone with God. Those quiet places are where the PEACE of God invades. Those quiet moments are where we get to simply be and hear Him speak to our hearts through His word. 

I want you to know that this fall does not have to be a lonely fight for you. We were not created to do this Christian journey alone. We are truly better and stronger together. I want to ask all of you to put the following date on your calendar, fridge, mirror or wherever you might go often. The date is August 28th. 

This is Vision Sunday at Thrive and it is going to be a pivotal day for us as a Church family, as sisters who are on this journey of flourishing together. On this day vision is going to be spoken. Vision is going to be given. The next God breathed steps for us as a church are going to be revealed. And I believe with all my heart that this year God wants to do something so beautiful and strong in us as women through Flourish. As we continue to “come just as we are” I know that God is awaiting our gathering. And I already have my first message in my heart! ;-) 

My friend, this year holds great purpose for you. This year holds great blessing for your family. This year holds another opportunity for you to jump into the family of Thrive and experience the love and blessings that come from being a part of the family of God. Remember, the devil is a liar! He comes only to steal, kill and destroy. Don’t fight alone. 

You + me = stronger. Don’t miss out! I want to see your beautiful face August 28th. 

Our monthly Flourish gathering details are coming soon!