No Pain. No Gain.

The last few months have brought some personal challenges to my life and heart. These challenges have been both on a ministry level and personal level. Now, I don’t know about you, but my tendency is to always see the glass, “half full.” When that perspective is challenged it is no fun. I don’t like hard times. I don’t want challenging times. I wish the world were made of cotton candy clouds and we all lived in bubble gum houses. Ok. Now back to reality. L.O.L.

The last week God has been doing a new level of digging and dealing on my heart and perspective. It’s been a hard week but SUCH a good one. I feel like the girl who after disciplined by a good earthly father, runs and jumps in his arms and says, “I’m sorry.” The fruit of that loving discipline is a tender heart, renewed devotion and expectancy for the day.

This morning in my time of prayer I found myself thanking God for my current “pain.” Thanking Him for the things that have weight, pressure and strain on them. Thanking Him for the hard times and the walls that cause me to drop back down on my knees, humble myself and cry out to the Lord. Without this current “pain” I don’t think I would be searching for wisdom with such diligence and urgency as I currently am.

My hope for this vulnerable post is that if you too find yourself walking through a measure of “pain," embrace it. Hear God in it. Run to Him through it. I believe on the other side of these moments that life can bring us is a renewed love, passion and even ability to hear our Heavenly Father's voice. The glass IS half full for us today!

No pain. No gain.

Flourish well,