It was 11 years after moving to Colorado from California that I finally found my community.  I think those 11 years of waiting and loneliness made it that much sweeter when I found the Flourish community.   My husband and I have been married 13 years this year.  We have 2 great kids, after being told at 16 that I would never be able to have biological children.  It had been a dream of mine since I was 15 years old to foster and adopt.  That dream had always seemed so far off to me being in Colorado, away from my family, and feeling like I didn’t have the support that I needed to step into my calling.   Last December, we finally felt God asking for our “yes”, and we gave it joyfully.  Then we got the call for a 17 day old baby girl.  Within 3 hours of getting that call, we had everything we needed for her, and MUCH more!!   I have had ladies show up at my house with food, clothing, diapers, and literally every baby necessity and luxury that we could want.  I had a precious friend come clean my house, a friend who stepped in to watch our baby girl while I had to make a last minute trip for a funeral; women who are FOR me and my family, praying over my mama heart and this precious baby’s life and future.  My greatest fear of feeling alone in this journey has turned into knowing, for the first time in a long time, that I am loved, that I am seen, and that I am on the path that God has called me to walk.  I have confidence that I could reach out to a number of ladies in that room and they would be there for me, in truly authentic friendship… and that is a treasure that is hard to find.
Flourish and connect groups mean so much to me. They have truly changed my life. Knowing that there is a group of women that are there walking a similar journey as me and that we are there to support and pray with each other is monumental. I look forward to Flourish every month. It has challenged and pushed me to go deeper.
Going to flourish this past year has inspired me. I’ve gone through a lot of heartache and change. Without this group I think I would still be lost. Hannah has taught me to be patient with God. She has also taught me what real Bible study looks like. Each session has been a godsend and it feels like her message is directed right at me. Thank you Flourish!
Flourish has strengthened my relationship with God in ways that I find difficult to put into words. Although I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic schools until college, I never really felt like I fit in a community that gathers and worships God until I found Flourish.  Every month that I attend I have been moved and encouraged…this place has brought me closer to him, something I believe that I needed.


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