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Virtual Community for Busy Women


Connect [ kuh-nekt ]

Verb: to bring together so that a real link or relationship is established.


Lives and schedules can get busy, so we have designed an intentional space for community and relationships to grow in the setting of a virtual small group (through the group messaging app GroupMe). That means we can still build community from the comfort of our pajamas, on a lunch break, after the kids go to bed...participate whenever it is most convenient for you! Flourish Connect Groups do not require meeting in person (though Connect Leaders will coordinate occasional group meet up opportunities for those interested and able). The goal is that we GROW TOGETHER in the things God has for us, taking what we hear in the monthly gatherings a step deeper. Connect Groups are a safe, fun place to be real as we journey in our faith — to genuinely encourage and champion each other through the highs and lows. We don’t have to do life alone, we are truly better together. Let’s grow as we go!


How It Works


Take a look at our Connect Group leaders listed below and choose a group, or select "Place Me in a Group" to be prayerfully placed into any connect group. Group interests are shown to reflect a potential group dynamic, but please do not feel limited by them if you feel drawn to a particular Connect Leader (the listed interests are not intended to be all-inclusive).

2. Submit the form

Enter your information in the sign-up form below and choose your desired Connect Group. 

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Your Connect Group leader will reach out to you via email and/or text to introduce themselves and provide basic instructions for their Connect Group.

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Once your Connect Leader adds you to their GroupMe Connect Group, you will be automatically alerted via text. Download the GroupMe app and start connecting!


When do Flourish Connect Groups meet?

You can expect to hear from a Connect Leader within 5 days of signing up for a Connect Group. Most engagement and conversation will happen inside of each Flourish GroupMe group – work it around your schedule! There will not be set meeting times, but Connect Leaders will coordinate occasional optional opportunities for personal meet ups. The monthly Flourish gatherings are a perfect time to get together as well!


Sign up for a Connect Group

Please complete the form below to sign up for a group, and your leader will contact you to confirm you have been placed in a group.

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Meet Our Incredible Connect Group Leaders

Group interests are shown to reflect a potential group dynamic, but please do not feel limited by them if you feel drawn to a particular Connect Leader (the listed interests are not intended to be all-inclusive).

Andrea K - 2019.jpg

Andrea Kitsmiller

Age range: 35-40

I am a Colorado native married to a Colorado native going on 16 years. Mom to a 14yr old boy and an 11yr old girl. Turning 40 soon! I LOVE building relationships - deep conversation lights my soul on fire! My desire is to bring vulnerability and authenticity to the relationships built in this group. God wants His girls to see the gifts, strength, and individual beauty in each other. Besides my love for a good heart to heart, I also enjoy reading, writing, singing, hiking (CO girl!), and putting together a fun party!!

Group interests: general community

April S.jpg

April Slavey

Age range: 40-45

I moved from Indiana to Colorado in 2008 with my husband and two kids, who are now ages 17 and 19. I am the manager and lead trainer at FIT36 in Parker. I also have a fitness ministry called Faith Fitness, which combines my love for God with my love of fitness and allows me to use fitness as a tool to share the gospel message. It is my heart and passion to encourage others.

Group Interests: come as you are / fitness inspiration



Age range: 35-40

I moved to Colorado around 15 years ago after meeting my husband in college, on the soccer field where we both played. I have two children in elementary school and work full time in the finance industry. I LOVE to have fun and am passionate about sunshine, Crystal Light Energy Drinks and Jesus.

Group interests: career women / working moms / occasional lunch meetups

preview-gallery-Erin Lahey - 2019.JPG

Erin Lahey

Age range: 30-35

I moved to Colorado when I was 6 years old & haven’t left (I even went to college here!). I’ve been married for six years & have two kids, ages 4 and 2. Two years ago, I made the transition from a full time working mama to a stay at home mama. I truly feel like being a mom to my kids is God’s greatest calling for me. Since then, God has also given the opportunity to run a beauty business from my home - I get to work from home & still be with my babies! Some of my favorite things include being at the gym with my girlfriends, spending time with my family and baking.

Group Interests: stay at home moms / work from home moms / boss babes (women who run their own business)

Iris K.jpeg

Iris Kirk

Age range: 65-70

I was born and raised in Northern Ireland as one of 16 children and came to California in the late 70's to start a new life and build a family. Work and family brought me to Colorado 2 years ago. I work full time as an office manager in a software engineering firm and have 2 grown sons and 4 grandchildren. I love to travel, visiting my son in Florida often, and ministering to women.

Group interests: general community




Age range: 30-35

I’m a born and raised Coloradan that traveled around the world as a photographer/missionary for 3 years. In 2008 I came home and started my own wedding/portrait photography company. My greatest love is to help women overcome life’s hardships and celebrate life through photo therapy. After going through an abusive marriage and a long season of healing and stillness waiting for God to open the right door, I am engaged to a wonderful man (interesting fact: we temporarily live in different countries right now). In my spare time you’ll find me working out, being outdoors, cooking, and watching movies.

Group Interests: general community

preview-gallery-Kayla Morrill - 2019.jpeg

Kayla Morrill

Age range: 35-40

I grew up on a farm in Minnesota, came to Colorado for college and have been here full time the past four years. I love hiking the beautiful mountains in our backyard and am a huge sports fan. Studying God’s Word and connecting with others in it excites me. I have a deep passion to search out, process and practically apply what God is saying to each of us individually and corporately!

Group Interests: general community

preview-gallery-Leah Christian - 2019.jpg

Leah Christian

Age range: 30-35

My husband and I quit our jobs and moved to Colorado from Southern California three years ago. I was almost 8 months pregnant when we left, and our baby girl arrived two weeks after. I quickly transitioned from being a high school English teacher of five years into a stay at home mom and assistant to my husband as he launched his own creative agency. We now have a 3 year old, a 1 year old, and two fish. It’s been a wild ride; however, it’s been so awesome to see how God has been watching over us and providing for us throughout this crazy journey. I’m so thankful everything is in His hands.

Group interests: moms of young kids / stay at home moms

preview-gallery-Michee Zydiak - 2019.jpg

Michee Zydiak

Age range: 35-40

I moved to Colorado from Florida in summer of 2012 to help launch a church before going to Thrive Church in summer July 2013. My husband and I met at Thrive and have been married since July 2014. We are a blended family and have five children total, ages 14, 12, 11, 3 and almost 2. I work full-time as a Recruiter in the Healthcare IT industry. I have a big heart for connecting women, building community with others and serving the local church.

Group Interests: working moms / health & fitness / cooking



Group Me is a free group messaging app that can be downloaded on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. You can chat with your friends from your phone on the go, on your computer at the office, and on your tablet from the couch. It's like a private chat room for your small group. Go to to learn more and download the app.