Take This Flourish Season Deeper


We have created a flexible, “outside of the box” way to bring ongoing community and discipleship for Flourish women through Flourish Connect Groups! We know lives and schedules can get busy, so we have designed an intentional space for community and relationships to grow in the setting of a virtual group messaging app (GroupMe app).  That means we can still build community around the craziness of our lives from the comfort of our pajamas, on a lunch break, after the kids go to bed...participate whenever it is most convenientfor you! Connect Groups do not require meeting in person. The goal is that we take what we hear at the monthly gathering and take it a step deeper. Make it personal. Share what God spoke to us personally, connect with other women, have a safe place to grow in our faith, and request prayer.  Flourish Connect Leaders will lead discussions with topics and images exclusively created for these Flourish Connect Groups.   


Flourish Connect Leaders will post a few times throughout the month. There will not be set meeting times - work it around your schedule.  You can expect to hear from a Connect Leader within 3 days of signing up for a Connect Group.

How It Works

1. Select a group

Click the button below each leader to sign up for their specific group OR click the "Place me in a Connect Group" button to be prayerfully placed into ANY group.

2. Sign Up

Enter your info in Thrive Church's group sign up portal "Infellowship" (you may receive an auto-response email once your data has been processed by our team).

3. hear from your leader

Your Connect Leader will reach out to you via email and/or text to introduce themselves and provide basic instructions for the Connect Group.

Flourish Connect Group Icons-04.png

4. Download GroupMe

Once your Connect Leader adds you to their GroupMe Connect Group, you will be automatically alerted via text. Download the GroupMe app and start connecting!

* If you give online to Thrive Church or have previously been in a Thrive Group, simply use your previous InFellowship login as your login for the Flourish Connect Group. If you have not joined a Thrive Group, you will be prompted to create a new Thrive Church InFellowship login.


Join Any Flourish Connect Group

You can read about our Flourish Connect Leaders to select a specific group, or can sign up for any Connect Group and we will prayerfully place you in a group. Group sizes will be limited to encourage intentional engagement and building of community.


Meet Our Incredible Connect Leaders


Aubrey Brown

I moved to Colorado nearly 13 years ago after meeting my husband in college, on the soccer field where we both played.  I have two children, ages 3 and 6,  and work full time in the finance industry.  I LOVE to have fun and am passionate about sunshine, Crystal Light Energy Drinks and Jesus. 

Connect Leader's Age: 35-40



Danielle Good

I live in Castle Rock with my husband, our 3 crazy funny kids and my favorite hiking partner, our dog Kaia. I am a birth and family filmmaker/photographer, am slightly obsessed with all things farmhouse and dream of living in a remodeled one on my own horse ranch. The only lists I like are bucket lists and I add to mine often.

Connect Leader's Age: 30-35

Heather Meacham

My husband and I have been married for 10 years and he took on my 3 little blessings, who are now 20, 16 & 15 - 2 boys and a girl; and we're in the process of adopting and starting all over!  I have a licensed preschool in my home and love what I do! In my dream world, I travel to lots of beaches and tropical locations, and occasionally get to do that in reality.  Otherwise, I love my barre classes, scrapbooking when I have time, hanging out with my family & friends, laughing, and I especially enjoy sharing my love of VBS with others!!!

Connect Leader's Age:: 40-45


Jenn Merrick

I was a born and raised Colorado tomboy. I traveled around the world as a photographer/missionary for 3 years. In 2010 I started my own wedding/portraits photography company. My greatest love is to help women overcome life’s hardships and celebrate life through photo therapy. In my spare time you’ll find me working out, spending time with family and friends, being outdoors, and watching movies.

Connect Leader's Age: 30-35



Kiani Kaululaau

I'm a Colorado native and I grew up camping and 4-wheeling and love the outdoors. I've been married for 3 years and have a 6 month old baby; being a wife and a mom are my favorite hobbies.

Connect Leader's Age: 25-30


Lindsay Yoxsimer

I am a Colorado native and am Mom to Sam and Malea. My favorite things to do include watching my kids play sports, camping with my family, relaxing on boat on a lake, and reading as much as I can!

Connect Leader's Age: 35-40


Melanie Allbaugh

I am a delightedly married wife of 26 years, a joyful mother of a much loved college age daughter and am happily redefining my empty nest. I have been a flight attendant for 30 years and currently fly regularly to my favorite city, London, England. I am passionate about encouraging and building up women of all ages to walk in the full call of God on their lives and to walk in their God-given destinies.

Some of my favorites: Jesus, His Word, the Holy Spirit, prayer, movie dates with my hubby, coffee with friends, hiking with my daughter and our rescue dogs - and living wholeheartedly and joyfully every single day.

Connect Leader's Age: 50-55

Group is at capacity

Tabatha Wade

Hi!  I'm married to a wonderful husband named Damien. We have two little boys, Zale and Zander. I'm from Jacksonville, Florida. We moved to Parker at the beginning of April. I love exploring new places, trying fun food, and hanging with friends. 

Connect Leader's Age: 25-30


Trish Herl

I'm blessed with an amazing husband and we're raising a couple of really cool tweens.  I do Accounting & Finance Consulting and have always enjoyed sharing my faith and mentoring women in the workplace.  Sports have always been a huge part of my life and something I now enjoy with my family.

Connect Leader's Age: 40-45



About the GroupMe app

Group Me is a free group messaging app that can be downloaded on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. You can chat with your friends from your phone on the go, on your computer at the office, and on your tablet from the couch. It's like a private chat room for your small group. Go to https://groupme.com/en-US/ to learn more and download the app.